About Araria

Serving as an administrative headquarters of Araria District cum municipality, Araria is a growing city in Bihar state. One of the 38 Bihar districts today, Araria had once remained part of neighboring Purnia District. It was carved out from Purnia to be made separate district during the district reorganization of this state. Highly showery district of Bihar’s northeastern part, Araria shares international border with the neighboring country Nepal. The district still remains one of the most backward ones out of 90 minority concentration districts of India in which its name still occurs at the top bottom.

About Araria

Forbesganj is second largest city cum trade center of Araria District after headquarters Araria city. The city of Araria and nearby regions especially border town Forbesganj has much for the travellers to explore this region as tourist. The region had golden past although it has still not welcomed so much development. Once upon a time Angas used to inhabit in this region in western side of the Koshi River. Notable historic element which still keeps visitors engaged is the ancient value of this city.

Araria: Past & Present

It is said that once upon a time Araria used to be part of the ancient Mauryan Kingdom. This region remained an important part of that Empire henceforth its ancient values are still studied. This area was once highly developed region as compared to rest parts of India. Over the centuries, Araria also became part of the Gupta Dynasty on the later stages. East India Company of Britain controlled this region during the colonial British rule. Some notable historical buildings still exist in this region including ruins of the bungalow of the then Mr. Forbe's in residential complexes to which inhabitants used to call R. Area that later became Araria. Visitors can make best use of their stay during Araria exploration by visiting many historical monuments, greeneries, markets and of course best educational institutions that have been established in the last couple of decades.

Geography and Climate of Araria

Located at northwestern side of Purnia and Madehpura in Bihar, border District of Araria was carved out of erstwhile Purnia District in 1990. This district shares international border of Nepal in the northern side while adjacent district of Kishanganj in located at its eastern side. Supaul District surrounds Araria from western while Purnia is located at its southern side. Being a district sharing the international border with neighboring country Nepal, Araria District remains an important area in terms of national security. Panaar is the most important river in this district. Kosi River used to be part of this district until few decades ago while it changed it course from Araria. Several small rivers are also present in the district. March to May months are hottest months in Araria during which summer period observes. Although June is the hottest month but by then rains start and temperature comes down in mere few weeks.

Geography of Araria

Highest temperature of Araria District usually goes up to 40-47ºC in the peak summers. Weather usually remains humid and dry during that period. June to September is monsoon period in Araria during which this region observes heavy rainfall. With start of rainy season, weather of Araria becomes extremely pleasant and best to enjoy. Most tourists prefer visiting Araria during rainy seasons to enjoy its pleasant atmosphere. Although weather remains pleasant but several times continuous rains for even whole weeks bring everything in standstill so people prefer post monsoon time for those explorations. There is a variance of temperature during wintertime while it averages from 29°C to even dropping down to 8ºC or less during the nights. Subtropical and humid temperature of Araria makes it suitable for exploration. Read More......................................

Places to Visit in Araria

Although mainly a rural conglomeration Araria still qualifies for tourism and attracts visitors through its famous locations. Several ancient monuments are located in Araria and so are attractive gardens and rustic lifestyle. One can explore Araria during a visit to its most notable tourist points. It goes without saying that due to being a highly showery district Araria has its unique distinction of it maintaining wonderful landscape and picturesque scenes through greeneries and forest areas.
  • Ruins of Mr. Forbe's bungalow
  • Commercial shops and beautiful mosques are attractions of sorts
  • Mata Kali or Kali Mandir is an attraction in Araria city
  • Sultan Phokher is a great place for exploration in Forbisganj area
  • The Jogbani Railway Station is an end point of India and a great place for exploration

Several regional movies have been shot in the villages here. Both archeologists and geologists keep visiting this region to explore its past identity of being part of two ancient kingdoms of India. Perfect time for a Araria visit is definitely from October to March months when temperature is nominal with extremely pleasant weather conditions. Read More.................

Festivals in Araria

Majority population of Araria is Muslims but this region is famous for secular spirits and cultural and religious diversity which keeps it apart. Araria inhabitants, no matter Muslims, Hindus or followers of other religious, are highly religious and involve in various such activities. That is why celebration of festivals like Eid, Holi, Deepawali and et al remain great times for enjoyment, spirituality and joviality. Celebrations of Holi, Dusshera, Ram Navmi and various other festivals are celebrated everywhere in the district during which people of different faiths intermingle and showcase communal harmony. Local traditional dances, music and related activities are common during festival time.
People of Araria showcase religious affinity during festival time. Read More......................

Art and Culture of Araria

Famous Hindi language writer and literati Phanishwar Nath famously called Renu was born in the Aurahi Hingna village of Araria district. Publication of literary Hindi magazine Parti Palar from Araria reminds of its past literary impacts. It is in Araria that movie Teesri Kasam had been filmed to showcase the rustic lifestyle of this region. Unique culture and tradition of Araria can be best observed by understanding the local arts and cultural activities. It is indeed a depiction of rich cultural identity here. Handicrafts items and products built from bamboos are unique and specialties in this region. Likewise, jute products are other attractions to see. People have their cultural differences that can be well observed through the nature of festivals they celebrate in unity. Various types of local dance forms, music and tribal dances are worth exploring. New generation though adopted modern trends but Araria still distinguishes with its cultural traditions and affinities. Read More...........................

Transportation in Araria

Araria is connected to rest parts of the country through railways, roadway and airways. The three major railway stations of this district are Araria Court Railway Station, Forbesganj Railway Station and famous Jogbani Railway Station. Araria Court is a local station while Forbesganj and Jogbani are two stations that have direct trains till national capital, New Delhi. All these stations are well connected to the nearby big Railway Junction, Katihar which links this region with rest parts of country through railways. India’s last point Jogbani of Araria District shares border with Morang district of neighboring country Nepal. Jogbani Railway station is connected to the national capital New Delhi through express trains. Good number of tourists visits Nepal through this transit point while they travel by rail or roadways. Two bus terminals of Araria city namely '0' Mile Bus Stand and City Bus Stand connects district headquarters Araria city with rest areas through bus transportation service. Jogbani Railway Station is strategically crucial due to it being the last point of Indian Railways as a key attraction in this region. All cities of Araria District are linked to nearby areas through national highways and the branch roads. Nearest airport, Bagdogra Customs Airport is nearest Airport to connect Araria with rest destinations by air.

Transportation in Araria

Newly developed Purnia Airport is another airport expected to connect Araria with many destinations in the country after it becomes fully operational. Purnia Airport is not fully operational yet but it has chartered flight services for state capital, Patna. Local travelling means are available here through cycle rickshaw, shared auto rickshaws and taxi services. Many intercity buses operate in the area. Jogbani Railway Station, Forbesganj Station and Araria Court are three major Railway stations in Araria District. National Highway 57 crosses through two major trade centers of Araria District namely Forbesganj and Araria city to link them with nearby Purnia, Narpatganj, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur cities. These roads are linked through sub-roads to connect the area with nearby Kishanganj and West Bengal cities of Siliguri and Darjeeling. Nearest city of Thakurganj is also connected with Araria through roadways. The highways connect this district with state capital Patna. Daily bus services are available for all routes besides frequent intercity and local bus services.
Jogbani Railway Station is India's last End Point. Read More...................................

Shopping in Jabalpur

Two major trade centers of Araria District are Araria City Commercial area and Forbesganj City famous for wholesale and retail trade and businesses. Several new shopping complexes have developed in these cities to cater to the shopping needs of locals and tourists alike. An old bazaar is located in Araria city which deals with various types of local handicrafts and ethnic products. No shopping malls have yet developed in this region. The items not to forget to buy here are stuffed toys developed from jute crafts to uniquely prepared sarees and dress materials for women. One can buy cheap goods from the local markets which are too much noisy and crowded. Read More...........................

Araria at a glance

Country: India
State: Bihar
District: Araria
Location: 26.15°N 87.52°E
PIN: 854311
Telephone Code : +91-06453
Official Language: Hindi

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