Food in Araria

It is an undeniable fact that to explore the culture of a particular region, you should equally taste the local foods to make an opinion. Otherwise a region that portrays simple living and peaceful coexistence, Araria remains a paradise for the food lovers. It is here that its cultural richness is judged in the context of the food verities prepared on the religious and social festivals. As unlimited food varieties are available in the local cuisines of Araria, this region is considered an ultimate place to enjoy the typical Bihari Food whose replica is seen in dishes prepared in this area. Some foods prepared in this district are very much common as national foods and so are common few South Indian and international foods sol in markets.

Food in Araria

Food varieties can be seen in the individual homes as well as restaurants in Araria. It is definitely a great experience to enjoy such food including the traditional and street foods that further expand dish varieties. It is worth enjoying great taste of foods in Araria where quality food is considered part of the hospitality aspect to treat a guest. It is great fun and passion for the masses to prepare good food and serve them to esteemed guests. Come here for similar such experience of life.

Traditional Cuisines of Araria

Enjoy the traditional food varieties of Araria to taste the actual cuisine of this region. Most prominent of the food varieties is roti, dal, chawal, sabzi and achar that makes region’s traditional food choice. As such dishes are prepared uniquely from lentils, wheat flour, rice, vegetables, and pickle this dish projects the cultural trends of this region. Mustard oil is used to cook this traditional dish. Similarly, other common food option is typical rice broth or Khichdi as is it called in local language. It is prepared by mixing rice and lentils seasoned besides the addition of required spices. Several accompanying items are included to serve this special food. Famous in almost all parts of the state and equally popular in Araria, famous food variety named Litti-chokha is most favored amongst the Biharis. This dish is prepared from sattu, smashed potatoes, tomatoes and brinjals amongst others. Some more traditional dishes that enrich the cuisine of Araria are Chitba & Pitthow cooked from rice and related items; Tilba & Chewda of again prepared from the Katarni rice and famous Kadhi bari is fried soft dumplings prepared from gram flour or besan and yogurt mixed spicy gravy. People like to have plain rice while this traditional food is served to them.

Fast Food in Araria

It is true that due to being a semi-urban region in the Bihar state Araria hasn’t yet welcomed the internal fast food chains. You won’t find a branch of MacDonald’s, Domino’s or many other fast food chains in this city. The local level food joints though give you a newer kind of fast food eating experience which you not only admire but also feel attracted to. The shops dealing with fast foods usually prepare easy and quickly prepared foodstuffs which are ultimate snacks refreshments to enjoy in the city. It gives you typical experience eating samosas and various other fast food items prepared in local style. They are least spicy and most importantly hygienic to taste them for ultimate food experience.

Street Food & Sweets in Araria

Only selected areas in the Araria district namely headquarters city Araria and other cities Forbesganj and Jogbani are urban establishments. Some more semi-urban areas have been developed and they are also the places where you can enjoy street food. Street food delicacies are mainly ready made dry food items and variety of sweets that literally give you mouthwatering experience. Take for example the street food cum sweet varieties like Anarasa, Belgrami, Chena Murki, Motichoor ke Ladoo, Kala Jamun, Kesaria Peda, Khaja, Khurma, Khubi ki Lai, Laktho, Parwal ki Mithai, Pua & Mal Pua, Thekua, Murabba, Tilkut, Chiwra, Dhuska, Litti, Makhana and Sattu et al give you ample option to enjoy food you literally love to eat and remember forever.

Restaurants in Araria

Being a small city in the region, Araria leaves least scope for restaurant based food eating experience. Most shops are street shops indeed. The selected restaurants that have been opened recently make best options to enjoy great food in peace. Tourists and visitors may visit to Tripti Restaurants at Ram Manohar Lohia Path; Anpurna Hotel at Araria Main Road Chandni Chowk and Vijay Food Plaza nearby the Bus Stand for great food in restaurant. They prepare all types of dishes from boiled Rice based lunch to roti based dinner or breakfast in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories you like. Famous Machchak Jhor fish curry and items from mutton and chicken with spicy gravies are great to enjoy. Araria indeed offers wonderful food choices to its visitors even though it has the limitation of being a small urban establishment or mainly a semi-urban locality. Food lovers find in this region ultimate choice of dishes to explore and enjoy its great hospitality.

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