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Entertainment and Nightlife in Araria

As Araria is still in a stage where modernity has not overpowered its rustic rural setup, there remains least chance for the inhabitants as well as visitors to enjoy it like they do in the fast developing metropolitan cities of India. There is limited scope of entertainment in this city. Only few cinema theaters are there in the district headquarters city of Araria and other cities like Forbesganj and Jogbani amongst others. Other entertainment options are not seen here and neither can one find any pub or bar in this region because it has still preserved its moral values and ancient traditions. The vices of modernity haven’t touched this area yet.

Nightlife in Araria

Nightlife in Araria

Occasional assemblies or gathering of common masses define some aspects of nightlife in Araria. This city doesn’t offer any type of modern nightlife options which travellers might expect from the cities they visit. It is because of the nature and traditional richness of this region. As no pub or wine shop is there one can’t literally think of an accustomed nightlife of dance, music and wine drinking here. As the residents of district headquarters are peace loving ignorant masses leading simple lifestyle they hardly involve in any type of modern nightlife activities. They definitely enjoy great reunions during the festivals like religious festivals and on the occasions of social gatherings. These are the occasions when people of Araria keep partying till late in the night. In the rest time, most people go to bed early and so do they get up early. That is why there remains no chance for constant late nightlife options.

Cinema Halls in Araria

Cinema halls are one of the few means of entertainment in Araria. People regularly visit the theaters to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones and so do they enjoy watching movies. Araria based cinema halls are not like the multiplexes of big cities. They are individual theaters where people visit to watch movies in affordable rates. Here is the list of cinema halls located in Araria.

Apsara Cinema
Address: Araria Main Market Area, Araria (Bihar)
Phone No: Not Available

Pooja Cinema
Address: Araria Main Market Area, Araria (Bihar)
Phone No: Not Available

Meera Cinema Hall
Address: Araria Main Market Area, Araria (Bihar)
Phone No: Not Available

Restaurants in Araria

Food lovers are definitely going to enjoy in Araria that houses several wonderful restaurants. These restaurants make available quality food in affordable prices. They are often rushed by the youngsters and people of all age groups. Being a small city in the region and the cities of Forbesganj and Jogbani having not been explored and developed in fast pace as is the scene with other cities of India. Many unnamed or small time local restaurants operate in the district headquarters as well as in district’s two other main cities. They prepare quality food and most dishes are of local nature. Some of them prepare South Indian foods as well. You will find ample varieties in the dishes serves. Here is listed prominent restaurants of Araria city that should be a must visit by the visitors to enjoy great food.

Tripti Restaurants
Address: Ram Manohar Lohia Path, Araria H O, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: +(91)-6453-222251

Anpurna Hotel
Address: Araria Main Road, Chandni Chowk, near Bank of Baroda, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: +(91)-6453-222156 43

Vijay Food Plaza
Address: NH-57, near Bus Stand, Araria (Bihar) – 854311

Shopping Avenues in Araria

Three prominent place of Araria that offers best options to buy various types of stuffs for self and to gift the near and dear ones are the cities of Araria district headquarters, business & trade hub Forbesganj and Jogbani. These cities are wonderful markets where one can buy locally made handcrafted items to all types of cloths and stuffs desired. These markets deal into the products in affordable price ranges and therefore remain best choice to buy items for once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Parks and Gardens in Araria

Several parks have been developed in Araria in the last few years. Some of them are in the midst of the city while a few are in the outskirts. One can enjoy quality time in the serene atmosphere of these parks. Tourists and locals visit these parks regularly to spend good time.

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