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Emergency Services in Araria

It is always good to visit a place with best of precautionary steps. It is a proven fact that at times you face a situation that you may not have expected. Such are junctures when you feel that keeping the emergency numbers might prove a great respite. That is why you shouldn’t ignore to collect the emergency numbers and other related information as and when you plan a visit to this otherwise tiny city.Although Araria is a small city and it can be accessed easily in a day or two but you shouldn’t forget to keep the emergency helpline numbers that might be required at any point of time. Keep such numbers from information about the police and security forces to other basic details like hospitals and options for travels. Keeping such numbers will make your task easy in case any type of emergency case arrives and you are in the lookout of instant support in the city you visit. Given below are some of the important phone numbers.

Ambulance Services in Purnia
Ambulance in Purnia

Ambulance Services in Araria

Araria doesn’t have organized ambulance services. The Government hospital of Araria namely Sadar Hopsital facilitates this service one must approach the hospital if any such need occurs. Only recently several private ambulance services have begun in this area. Although they are not equipped with the all required services which one can expect from the ambulances but they surely prove a big respite in the time of need. Your first preference though should be to approach the Sadar Hospital authorities for ambulance services.

Sadar Hospital Araria
Address: Araria Main City, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: Not Available

AS Memorial Hospital And Research Centre
Address: AS Memorial Hospital Complex, Mirchaibari Road, Near Town Hall, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: +(91)-6453-223641 51

Dr. M Arshad Hussain Clinic
Address: Azad Nagar, Opposite Azad Academy, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: +(91)-6453-222149 20

Jeevan Jyoti Hospital
Address: Araria Main City, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: Not Available

Police Helplines in Araria

Keeping the numbers of local police will be of great help to you at the time of ardent needs. That is why is it is suggested to note down and keep the police helpline numbers safely to ascertain that you use them as and when require for all types of assistance and security purpose. It is the responsibility of every citizen to keep the police well aware of the situation in case any violation of law happens and one suspects that. Below is the telephone numbers of police department that you should keep to sort out any emergency problem and to report to police without making any delays. Bihar Police ensures that its department has presence in Araria district headquarters and all regions strategically. The purpose is to ensure planned security in this region that shares the international broader with the neighboring country Nepal. The police force therefore works with best coordination with border security forces through keeping in consideration need of country’s safety and security. The police balance its roles through hierarchic functioning from the district headquarters controlled by Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police and their team of Police Officers to staffs in and around the headquarters city to Police sub-stations.

Superintendent of Police
Sri Vijay Kumar Verma IPS
Address: Office of the Superintendent of Police, Araria, Bihar
Phone No: +91 – 06453 – 222050+91 – 06453 – 222050, 222018, 222075, 0943180000209431800002

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Araria

Address: Araria Police Headquarters
Araria (Bihar)
Phone No: 6453-222820; 222820 ®

SDPO, Araria
Araria District Headquarters (Bihar)
Phone No: 6453-222819; 222003 ® ; 9431800045 (M)

Police Stations in Araria

Araria District Police Headquarters
Address: District Police Headquarters, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: +(91)-6453-222052(91)-6453-222052, +(91)-9431822599

Jokihat Police Station
Address: Jokihat, Araria (Bihar) – 854329
Phone No: +(91) – 6453 – 248382(91) – 6453 – 248382

Jogbani Police Station
Address: Jogbani, Araria (Bihar) – 854328
Phone No: +(91) – 6455 – 242221(91) – 6455 – 242221

Forbesganj Police Station
Address: Forbesganj, Araria (Bihar) – 854318
Phone No: +(91) – 6455 - 222444(91) – 6455 - 222444

Narpatganj Police Station
Address: Narpatganj, Araria (Bihar) – 854335
Phone No: +(91)-6455-243572(91)-6455-243572

Kursakanta Police Station
Address: Kaithar Main Road, Kursakanta, Near State Bank Of India, Araria (Bihar) – 854331
Phone No: +(91) – 6453 – 245518(91) – 6453 – 245518

Blood Banks in Araria

As Araria still lacks in healthcare sector it doesn’t have several well organized blood banks to cater to the blood related needs of the masses. The only blood bank which Araria accommodates right now is the one run by the government under the district’s headquarters based Sadar Hospital. Nearby cities of Purnia and Siliguri are medical hubs where one can approach for blood as and when such need occurs.

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