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Business and Economy in Araria

Growth prospective of a region depends on the economic planning for sustainable progress. Ever since Araria was carved out of erstwhile Purnia district it remained one of the most backward districts in the region due to lack of infrastructure. Although it shares international border with the neighboring country Nepal and therefore it is strategically secured and highly alerted region in the country its economic progress hasn’t gone in fast pace. Although a survey conducted by the government found out in 2006 that Araria was one of the 250 most backward districts of country it has begun to show signs of improvement since last couple of years. With the support which Araria has been receiving from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF) category has left bigger impact and it has begun to attain growth over the years. Today, it is one such district of Bihar that has welcomed establishment of infrastructure and overall support for better economy.

Economy of Araria

Agrarian Economy in Araria

Large number of inhabitants of Araria are involved in agriculture the agrarian economy leaves bigger impact. Various types of agricultural produces like paddy, maize and jute amongst others are produced abundantly in Araria region. Several local vegetables are also produced in this district and they are supplied to the nearby markets. It is true that no well-defined ago-infrastructure has been developed in this region but still it leaves ample impact in the social and economic condition of the masses.

Industrial Development in Araria

Araria though lacks in-terms of many large sacle industrial plant but it remains in the limelight for its small and medium sized industrial units. The city is known for jute production and its supply in the nearby regions. Jute is abundantly produced in Araria region. Even local jute handicraft items are worth noting in Araria and its nearby regions. Such items have boosted economy and are wonderful means of earning for many. Looking at this highly beneficial trade and business option, jute supplies and business remains an important business prospect in the region.

M/S Gupta and Sons Traders Pvt. Ltd., Araria
Pro.- Sri Pradeep Kumar Gupta,
Netaji Market, Subhash Chowk,
Jogbani Road, Farbesganj, Araria-854318
Ph- 9471845295/ 06455223026

M/S Raunak Trade & Agencies Pvt. Ltd, Farbisganj, Araria
Pro- Sri Mangi Lal Golchha,
Forbisganj, Araria-854318

M/S Ashok Trading Company, Araria
Pro.- R.G. Goel, Chakardaha, Narpatganj, Farbesganj, Araria- 854318 Mob.-8252324141

Trade and Business Opportunities in Araria

Nearness to Biratnagar in neighboring country Nepal and other trade hubs like Purnia, Katihar, Kishanganj, Siliguri, Forbesganj has added to the increased commercial activities in the area. The agro-market, jute business and foodstuffs bulk business solutions are ultimate where one sees large scale bulk business transactions from this small city of Araria which happens to be the second city after administrative headquarters Araria.

As the broad-gauge has been converted into planned railway tracks and this area is perfectly connected with other parts of the country through roadways and railways economy of this region has attained a new boost. Forbesganj is emerging into one of the trade and business hubs in this area where several companies are establishing their manufacturing and research and development units. Some of the small scale industries have also been setup here. This region is now gaining popularity due to best agriculture based food products business like nearby city of Raiganj and other places in the region.

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