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Administration in Araria

The city of  Araria shares borders with neighboring country Nepal. The city is also a municipality and administrative headquarters of the district. Araria district is one of the 38 districts in Bihar state which is famous for being known as most showery district. As an administrative headquarters the city of Araria therefore remains a strategically important town in north-eastern part of Bihar.

Administration in Araria
Administration in Araria

Araria district was part of the erstwhile Purnia district until it was carved out into a separate district in the year 1990. It still comes under the Purnia Division. Second biggest city of Araria district Forbesganj is famous for being the major trade and business center in the region. This region is famous for its glorious past and its value is especially important due to the strategic location nearby neighboring country, Nepal. Historians claim that Araria was part of the Mauryan and Gupta Dynasties whose traces have been found in this region. While British started its rule in the India, the representatives of East India Company began setup in this region as well with their representative Mr. Forbe's staying in a bungalow here. The location of his Bungalow was given the name of Residential Area which the common masses shortened to ‘R. Area’ instead. Sooner, ‘R. Area’ was spelled Araria and therefore so was its present name established. The present day Araria district has its subdivision in Forbesganj and second largest city of the district.

Araria Nagar Parisad

Araria district is surrounded by Purnia and Medhepura districts in northern side; Kishanganj and Supaul districts in its eastern and western sides. This district shares its border with Nepal but its headquarters  Araria city has been turned into a Municipal Corporation for governance. The Corporation takes into account development initiatives besides providing possible support to the security personnel protecting the country’s border at district’s last point Jogbani which faces Nepal’s Morang district from other side. Araria Nagar Parishad has taken into account all sorts of facilities which the masses as well as administers need to turn the region more tourist friendly. As railways and roadways facilitate best choice for commuting none faces any difficulty while making a visit. The Municipality functions under the administrator and his team besides elected members.

Main Functions of Araria Nagar Parishad

  • Provide best civil amenities and solve all types of civic problems
  • Monitor public convenience, health and sanitation related issues and provide apt solutions
  • Ensure providing sufficient electricity in the district headquarters
  • Help to maintain proper hygiene in the city
  • Take initiatives to open more maternity wards, schools and hospitals
  • Maintaining city’s cleanliness
Araria Nagar Parisha
Executive Officers (Nagar Parishad)
Sri Aniruddh Prasad Yadav

General Administration of Araria

The Collector or District Magister of Araria district administers the region . He/She looks at every aspect with a team of officers including the district’s Superintendent of Police (SP) and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), other officers and the team of staffs. The Member of Parliament, different Members of Legislative Assembly and elected members of the local units in urban and rural areas coordinate with Collector to maintain law and order and administer the district peacefully.

Collector of Araria District
District Magistrate, Araria
Phone: +91 06453 222001+91 06453 222001(O); +91 06453 222102+91 06453 222102(R)
Email: dm-araria.bih@nic.in
Website: http://araria.bih.nic.in/

District Informatics Officer
Phone: +9106453 224093+9106453 224093(O)
Email: bihara@nic.in

District I.T. Manager
Phone: +91 8987003267+91 8987003267(O)
Email: araria.itmanager@gmail.com

Police Department in Araria

The Bihar Police force plays crucial role in this border area The police department plays important role to keep the law and order in normal condition as per the directions of District Magistrate to keep the region in peace and offer best environment for the inhabitants to spend quality life. Being the border district that shares international border with Nepal, the police of  Araria district coordinate with the security officials and border security forces to maintain country’s security and tight vigil to avoid all sorts of infiltration by law breakers and terrorist groups concerned. Being region’s main power center as administrative headquarters of Araria district, the city of Araria serves as police headquarters under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police (SP) who functions alongside the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Police Station Officers and staffs operating in the chain of various police posts in the district to maintain law and order.

Superintendent of Police (SP)
Mobile: +91 9431800002+91 9431800002
Phone: +91 06453 222050+91 06453 222050, +91 222018, +91 222075

District Public Relation Officer (PRO)

The Public Relations Department of Araria district under the PRO looks into various types of issues that need to be highlighted through the media. This department also looks into the matters closely concerned to the inhabitants and so does it involve the masses on many occasions through organizing various programs or activities to initiate public participation in the governance system.

Public Relation Officer (PRO)
Mobile: +91 9430001772+91 9430001772

Agriculture Department in Araria

Araria district headquarters has specific office of the agriculture department that looks after the concerns of locals. The office comprises of administrative officer and team of staffs. This office ensures that all the agriculture related matters are resolved to the best possible manner.

District Agriculture Officer
Mobile: +91 9431818754+91 9431818754

Hospital Superintendant
Sadar Hospital, Araria
Mobile: +91 94314470686

Women and Child Development

The Women and Child Development Department of  Araria district ascertains that all issues pertaining to women and children are taken care of. This department studies every aspect related to them to uplift their conditions in the society. This department takes into account things which can help women and children to empower and lead respectable lifestyle.

District Program Officer (ICDS)
Mobile: +91 9431005047+91 9431005047

District Minority Welfare Officer
Mobile: +91 9661331712+91 9661331712

Public Representatives in Araria

Araria Lok Sabha constituency is one of the politically active constituencies out of the 40 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state of Bihar. This Lok Sabha constituency comes under the unreserved category.
This constituency comprises of these six assembly segments that include Narpatganj; Raniganj (SC); Forbesganj; Araria; Jokhihat and Sikti segment.

Member of Parliament in Araria

Sri Mohammed Taslimuddin
Party: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)
Address: Araria (Bihar)

MLAs from Araria

Md. Zakir Hussain Khan (LJP), Araria
Shri Padam Parag 'Renu' (BJP), Forbesganj
Md. Sarfraz Alam, JD(U), Jokihat
Shri Anandi Prasad Yadav (BJP), Sikti
Devanti Yadav (BJP), Narpatganj
Shri Parmanand Rishideo (BJP), Raniganj(SC)

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